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The joy of flight should be accessible to as many people as possible. Flying can be an expensive pastime, but doesn’t have to be. The Recreational Aircraft Association is a made-in-Canada organization dedicated to the promotion of flying as a hobby for ordinary Canadians. RAAC members are people who love to fly and love to build! The RAA exists to bring these people together, enhancing the safety and satisfaction of those who want to own an airplane without having to sell their houses in the process.
The Recreational Aircraft Association represents builders and flyers to Transport Canada and works with government to assure the concerns of builders and flyers are heard.

Membership Rates

1 year $59.99

3 years 161.96 (a 10% discount)

Life 676.55

1 year family 74.68

Mail us at:

The Recreational Aircraft Association Canada
22 - 4881 Fountain St North, Breslau On. N0B 1M0
Phone 519-648-3030

or call toll free to renew by phone.

Welcome to our ranks!